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In preparing to represent borrowers in the commercial finance process Randy spent 18 years employed by Sun Bank, First Union and Northern Trust developing the skill set to add value for the borrower.  He was extensively trained in credit analysis at Sun Bank before becoming a commercial real estate loan officer at First Union and a senior lending officer at Northern Trust.

As financing packages are prepared for presentation to prospective lenders Randy recognizes potential issues, mitigates and structures around them before they become issues with prospective lenders.  His understanding of the commercial finance markets, inclusive of banks, capital market, life insurance companies and specialty lenders and their appetites for various transactions results in loan presentations being made to  lenders interested in growing their commercial real estate loan portfolios.

As a former peer and associate of many prominent commercial real estate lending officers Randy has long standing relationships with the most productive lenders in the industry.  Compass deals exclusively at the senior level within lending institutions.

Randy has developed a strong following with his clients, handling multiple loan placements over the past 20 years.  Once we capture the information necessary to underwrite, package and place a loan we retain this important information and need to merely supplement it the next time our client re-enters the financing markets for a future project.

The confidentiality and security of our clients financial information is protected through prudent electronic transmittal of information on a secure encrypted platform.  Loan packages and presentations composed by Compass are the most thorough and comprehensive seen in the industry.  Consequently, lenders react quickly to our sponsored financing requests.  We know within days of submission to a lender if the loan can be structured and priced to our specifications.

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